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'A low drone maintains the foundation while icy higher pitches breathe across the mountaintops. I would actually argue that Spettri is far from dark; it’s the blazing sun reflecting off of the snow, making the experience even more nauseating. The overwhelming light and frigid air makes you long for a damp and chilly place where the cold is not so painfully bitter. Yet, as I am sure any mountaineer could tell you, a beauty exists in this as well. When the desolation leads you to a place that few humans have ever traveled to, and a splendid view of other peaks reveals itself, the bitterness is completely worth it. Mountains exemplify the highs and lows of life, and it’s the highs that make the lows so much more crushing, which is exactly what the deep tones do as they reverberate across the rocky crags, eventually leveling out towards neutral tones like a snowy valley. I always enjoy when field recordings are well-done, as they literally take you on another person’s journey, sharing an experience that all of us can existentially understand as our own walks have taken us to different corners of the globe—as we hear the sound of our footsteps on wooded paths or concrete sidewalks.

The journey that is elaborated on with Spettri takes the listener high into mountains where winter always persists. Its depth is moving while its melancholy behind it reveals the beauty that exists even among the desolation. While it may seem mournful, Winterblood is all about exposing the beauty that surrounds them. These simplistic synth tunes will chill your blood and remind you that in some parts of the world, winter never leaves.' (heathenharvest.org)


released January 4, 2015



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Winterblood Florence, Italy

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